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Match Equite Table Video Part 1

December 7, 2009

was very busy last week and couldnt post as much as i planed. Here is the first Video for Match Equity Table.
Meanwhile i found some interesting stuff about Backgammon in the Web. Here is a very nice Video from a Seminar about Sloting from Chris Bray :
If you dont know the Rules of Backgammon try this one :

In the next Parts we will take a look at Double Points, Take Points, Different Meq´s, Gammon price, examples and so on.

Good Luck and Good Skill all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Othello Position 4

November 1, 2009


here is Othello Position 4, enjoy it.

Source :


1. Rollout¹  22/17(3) 13/8                eq:-0.120
      Player  : 33.57% (G:7.35% B:0.81%)
      Opponent: 66.43% (G:18.61% B:3.38%)
      Confidence: ± 0.015 (-0.135<E<-0.105)
      Duration: 26 minutes 21 seconds

    2. Rollout¹  22/7* 13/8                   eq:-0.226 (-0.105)
      Player  : 32.10% (G:8.04% B:1.45%)
      Opponent: 67.90% (G:30.56% B:7.32%)
      Confidence: ± 0.019 (-0.245<E<-0.207)
      Duration: 29 minutes 49 seconds

    3. Rollout¹  22/17(2) 6/1*(2)             eq:-0.248 (-0.128)
      Player  : 30.47% (G:9.33% B:1.00%)
      Opponent: 69.53% (G:27.32% B:6.95%)
      Confidence: ± 0.016 (-0.264<E<-0.232)
      Duration: 25 minutes 17 seconds

    4. Rollout¹  22/7* 6/1*                   eq:-0.265 (-0.145)
      Player  : 31.84% (G:8.72% B:1.62%)
      Opponent: 68.16% (G:33.92% B:12.81%)
      Confidence: ± 0.027 (-0.292<E<-0.238)
      Duration: 34 minutes 43 seconds

    5. Rollout¹  22/17 22/7*                  eq:-0.267 (-0.147)
      Player  : 32.24% (G:8.21% B:1.88%)
      Opponent: 67.76% (G:36.66% B:14.48%)
      Confidence: ± 0.023 (-0.290<E<-0.244)
      Duration: 34 minutes 22 seconds


Othello Quiz Position 2

October 29, 2009


here comes my Comment and Analyse of the Othello Quiz Position 2. This time i made a Videocast. The Fullscreen Mode is not working inside this Blog, so if you want to see it in Full screen Mode Click on the Video again after you have started it, it will bring you directly to Viddler, where i host my Videos. After the Video if you scroll down i will post a short summary and the Rollouts of this Position, in case you dont want to look the Video.
Would be great for a feedback, if you prefer the Videocasts or just the written Comments, as i did on Position 1.
My Email :  or you can reach me also with ICQ Nick: MrGammonGo. If you find any Errors please inform me. Feel free to use the possibilty to write Comments, after each Post at the Buttom.

Source :
Forum :




Summary Othello Quiz Position 2:

– Prime vs Prime battle
– Highest priority is to bring around the Blot on the 24 Point
– Also important to fill the gaps on 3 point or making Bar Point
– 14/6 makes nothing is unflexible, less combination for making 3 pt or bar pt, leaves the Blot on 24 disconnected
– 14/9 6/3  Slotting 3 point gives White good 2´s he can make 2 good things Hitting and splitting ; puts one more Checker behind 4    Prime, 2-2 and 6-2 Joker Rolls for White. Much better altenative available bye Making the 3 Point with 8/3 6/3.
– 24/11 14/9 , slots the point White wants make, white will attack. 19 good Rolls for white (Attacking, Making Pts, Extending Prime). White has only 3 very bad rolls (3-5, 5-5). Not best play because White has good counterplay Possibilties.
– 8/3 6/3 Making 3 pt, declining as best Move because Blot on 24 disconnected, also Timing can get bad for Black, if he can not free his runner and 13 shoots from White with 2´s and 6-1.
– 24/16 try to run the last runner out of prime, leaves double shot on 2 and 4´s. 2´s are duplicated, white can use them to split. If Black get hits, only the double hit is realy dangerous, almost same Position like before if white hits only 1 Blot, Black has Reshoots. Only Double hit is dangerous 2-2 and 2-4, consider Risk – Reward here, if it works with running out of prime and White cannot hit, strong double from Black possible. Best Play.

Rollouts :
 1. Rollout¹  24/16                        eq:+0.584
      Player  : 65.61% (G:17.75% B:1.48%)
      Opponent: 34.39% (G:8.60% B:0.39%)
      Confidence: ± 0.017 (+0.567<E<+0.601)
      Duration: 12 minutes 07 seconds

    2. Rollout¹  8/3 6/3                      eq:+0.468 (-0.116)
      Player  : 60.30% (G:22.74% B:1.96%)
      Opponent: 39.70% (G:9.54% B:0.61%)
      Confidence: ± 0.021 (+0.447<E<+0.489)
      Duration: 14 minutes 42 seconds

    3. Rollout¹  24/21 14/9                   eq:+0.438 (-0.146)
      Player  : 59.09% (G:21.26% B:2.14%)
      Opponent: 40.91% (G:9.93% B:0.54%)
      Confidence: ± 0.023 (+0.415<E<+0.461)
      Duration: 16 minutes 12 seconds

    4. Rollout¹  14/9 6/3                     eq:+0.208 (-0.376)
      Player  : 54.83% (G:20.40% B:1.68%)
      Opponent: 45.17% (G:12.74% B:0.80%)
      Confidence: ± 0.020 (+0.188<E<+0.228)
      Duration: 15 minutes 13 seconds

    5. Rollout¹  14/6                         eq:+0.169 (-0.415)
      Player  : 53.55% (G:17.46% B:1.46%)
      Opponent: 46.45% (G:9.94% B:0.51%)
      Confidence: ± 0.018 (+0.151<E<+0.187)
      Duration: 14 minutes 19 seconds


Videocast 2 Match1 Part2 from 3

October 26, 2009

here is the 2nd Video from Match 1, enjoy. This time i tried different setting, I recommend to watch this Video in fullscreen. As i see Fullscreen is not working here in the Block, after you start the Vid, click on it again and you will come direct to Viddler, where you can see the Video in Fullscreen, much better.
And by the way, i have opened an icq account, if someone want to reach me. Nick there is MrGammonGo and Icqnr : 592994252. I will later put all in information at an about page, but quite know no time.


First Videocast Match 1 Part 1/3

October 24, 2009


here is my first Videocast, its a 7 Pt Match, this Match comes in 3 Parts.
Its like a test for me how this stuff with Videocasts its working, iam trying to improve the quality and also the sound time by time.