Opening Rolls

Here we will discuss the Opening Rolls. I dont post any Rollouts here, cause this have been done many times, and a lot of Websides have them puplished. I will focus here on the reasons and principles behind the Moves.

Every Subpage of here you will be handling one Roll. For example if there is a Page with 1-1, this means it shows the Opening Roll
1-1 and also how to play the 1-1 as a Replay against the Opp´s Opening.

Every Roll will be discussed at Money Game (M), Double Match Point (DMP), Gammon Go (GG) and Gammon Save (GS).

Here are some Ideas you have to think of , when you play the Opening Move or the Replay to Opening Move from your Opp.

  • Try to make your Points in Order 5 pt – 4pt – barpt
  • It´s allways good to block your opp´s Runners
  • Try to escape your Runner
  • Try to make an advanced Anchor
  • Try to creat flexible Positions
  • Hitting at the Beginning is allways good
  • Split before its too dangerous to split
  • Last but not least fight for the Golden Point (your 5-Point)

These Guidelines are only rough, we will discuss them during the individuell Rolls.

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