this Blog is about Backgammon, my favourite Game. I usually play every day, well a day without Backgammon, is a lost day (: . I have started this Blog to share my knowledge of the Game, and also to improve my own Skill. There are many Weppages out there which discuss Positions, but usually you will find in the most cases only short statements about a Move or Cube decision. I try here to explain a little bit more and trying to bring in some Basics and Backgrounds. Some people will ask if iam qualified for this, well lets say iam not the strongest player, but also not the weakest, and I make still Errors, like every Backgammon Player. And its good to make Errors, without Errors , or not knowing the Errors, there is no way to improve.

All the Positions I post here are in most cases played by my own, online or live. When there is third party material i will mark this and also the source link will be available.
Because this Blog is totally Commercial Free, you can copy whatever you want, Positions, Analyse , Rollouts ….. without asking me for permission, you can puplish it, or can do whatever you want, as long as its not from third party, in this case ask please the owner for permisson not me.
If you have any Question or Suggestions you can Email me at MrGammonGo@gmx.de or you can reach me with Icq : MrGammonGo .
When you have Positions or Games you also can send them to me for Analysing and Commenting, but please allow me some Time to do this.

Good Luck and Good Skill !!!!!!

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