Match Equite Table Video Part 1

December 7, 2009

was very busy last week and couldnt post as much as i planed. Here is the first Video for Match Equity Table.
Meanwhile i found some interesting stuff about Backgammon in the Web. Here is a very nice Video from a Seminar about Sloting from Chris Bray : http://www.backgammoninlondon.com/bglil/report/2009_Bray_Seminar.html
If you dont know the Rules of Backgammon try this one : http://www.gammonvillage.com/backgammon/magazine/backgammon_rules.cfm

In the next Parts we will take a look at Double Points, Take Points, Different Meq´s, Gammon price, examples and so on.

Good Luck and Good Skill all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Nice clear video – the best explanation I’ve seen of how to get the equity of 2 away 1 away

    • I was really hoping that you would do the second video on Match Equity as you put things so clearly

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